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Welcome to one of the finest drug and alcohol treatment and prevention/education agencies in the United States. Since June 1, 1973, Wyoming Valley Alcohol and Drug Services, Inc. has been a beacon of hope for those suffering from addiction in Luzerne and Wyoming Counties, Pennsylvania. Nestled in the foothills of the Pocono Northeast, the agency has become widely known for its innovative, unique, and highly-effective programs, which place emphasis on patient and consumer access to services. The award-winning staff of highly-qualified professionals are certified in addiction treatment and prevention/education specialties and continue to enhance and augment not only their academic credentials, but also their professional skill development.


  • I want to come for help, but I am wondering about how confidential services are?
  • Why choose Wyoming Valley Alcohol and Drug Services, Inc. for my treatment experience?
  • What happens when I come to WVADS, Inc. for treatment?
  • Does WVADS, Inc. have a Family Program?
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