I want help but is it confidential?

Yes, addiction service regulations and laws are very strict. There are more confidentiality regulations governing drug and alcohol treatment than most other disciplines. There are both state and federal laws to ensure your privacy. These will be explained during the first meeting.

How much do services cost?

We accept most insurances. If you don’t have insurance we may have other sources of funding that can pay for your treatment. Please don’t let this deter you away from help. We will help you as that is our mission.

What happens when I come to WVADS, Inc. for treatment?

All clients who come to the agency undergo what is known as an Assessment/Evaluation. This is usually administered by a member of our Intake Staff. You will be asked questions about your history of using substances, including the frequency of use, consequences resulting from use, impact of your use on you and your significant others; additionally, we will engage the patient in discussion about all aspects of your life so we receive as comprehensive of a picture as possible. The exercise usually lasts for no more than 1 hour. The results of the Assessment/Evaluation are shared with the patient only. In the event the patient signs a Consent Form authorizing our agency to discuss the results with a family member, physician, employer, etc., we will only share portions of our results relative to the recommended treatment plan. (At no time do we share confidential information that has been disclosed by the patient during the Assessment/Evaluation)….The results of the Assessment/Evaluation, assuming the patient has provided us with honest, accurate information, should reveal 2 things: (1) the progression of the use; in other words, at what stage is the use, abuse, or drug and alcohol dependence, and (2) the level of care or treatment that we are recommending in order for the patient to attain recovery. It is imperative for the patient to comply with all treatment recommendations since failure to comply will result in relapse and/or continued progression of the disease.

After the Assessment/Evaluation, each patient who we determine meet the criteria for treatment at WVADS, Inc. will be assigned a Primary Counselor and treatment will begin promptly.

Ultimately, treatment should never be terminated by the patient until our professional counselor has made the decision that all treatment goals have been met. Finally, WVADS, Inc. believes in the powerful and highly successful Fellowships of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous, therefore, we encourage all patients to take advantage of these tremendous fellowships. We also know that there are other roads to recovery as well. Each person’s journey is different.

How about family members? Is there help for them?

Yes, often times, family members and loved ones are just as impacted by someone using substances and gambling. We have a family group at the Agency that offers education and support for those who want to attend. This is free as the Luzerne/Wyoming County Drug and Alcohol Program graciously funds this. We believe that loved ones and families need to be involved with treatment in many cases.

Do you offer other addiction services?

We offer gambling services as well. Gambling is a disorder that affects millions. Thankfully, through the PA Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs, funding is available. This disorder can be just as destructive as a substance use disorder.

Do you offer prevention/education services?

WVADS, Inc. is proud to offer prevention/education services to both the community and various school districts. Education is the key to prevention. Please contact us to see if we can help your group or organization.

Do you offer Medicated Assisted Treatment?

We do not prescribe medication here at the Agency. However, we have many partnerships with various health care providers that can evaluate and possibly prescribe these medications. We are able to provide the counseling services for anyone taking these types of medications. These may include suboxone, vivitrol and methadone.

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