I want to come for help, but I am wondering about how confidential services are?

Drug and alcohol regulations are very strict and are patient and consumer protective. In fact, there are more confidentiality regulations governing drug and alcohol treatment than all other professional disciplines. Each state has patient protective confidentiality regulations and Federal Confidentiality Laws, 42 CFR, assure your privacy as well.

Why choose Wyoming Valley Alcohol and Drug Services, Inc. for my treatment experience?

WVADS, Inc. has been in operation since June 1, 1973, and has always maintained a strong reputation in the treatment and prevention education field.

The management and staff have an impeccable record of service highlighted by achievements, accomplishments, awards, and recognition for responsiveness to patient, family, and consumer need. The combined years of service of the WVADS, Inc. staff surpass 300 years of combined experience.

  • WVADS, Inc. is licensed by the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs, Harrisburg, and results of those reviews and licensing visits are available to review at any time. Additionally, the agency is a member provider of the Luzerne-Wyoming Counties Drug and Alcohol Program, a member of the United Way of Wyoming Valley, and a member of both the Pittston and Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Chamber of Commerce.
  • The professional staff of the agency are certified through the Pennsylvania Certification Board (PCB) and must maintain experiential and educational credits on an ongoing basis in order to attain this status. Patients, families, and consumers can check with the PCB at any time to verify that staff are in good standing.
  • Dr. Edward Carey serves as the Medical Director of the agency and he has 40+ years of practice. His expertise in addiction medicine augments and enhances all of our treatment components.
What happens when I come to WVADS, Inc. for treatment?

All patients who come to the agency undergo what is known as an Assessment/Evaluation. This is usually administered by a member of our Intake Staff. You will be asked questions about your history of using substances, including the frequency of use, consequences resulting from use, impact of your use on you and your significant others; additionally, we will engage the patient in discussion about all aspects of your life so we receive as comprehensive of a picture as possible. The exercise usually lasts for no more than 1-2 hours. The results of the Assessment/Evaluation are shared with the patient only. In the event the patient signs a Consent Form authorizing our agency to discuss the results with a family member, physician, employer, etc., we will only share portions of our results relative to the recommended treatment plan. (At no time do we share confidential information that has been disclosed by the patient during the Assessment/Evaluation)….The results of the Assessment/Evaluation, assuming the patient has provided us with honest, accurate information, should reveal 2 things: (1) the progression of the use; in other words, at what stage is the use, abuse, or drug and alcohol dependence, and (2) the level of care or treatment that we are recommending in order for the patient to attain recovery. It is imperative for the patient to comply with all treatment recommendations since failure to comply will result in relapse and/or continued progression of the disease.

After the Assessment/Evaluation, each patient who we determine meet the criteria for treatment at WVADS, Inc. will be assigned a Primary Counselor and treatment will begin promptly in either our out-patient counseling department or in our partial hospitalization, 72-hour intensive out-patient counseling program, “Stepping Stones”.

Ultimately, treatment should never be terminated by the patient until our professional counselor has made the decision that all treatment goals have been met. Finally, WVADS, Inc. believes in the powerful and highly successful Fellowships of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous, therefore, we encourage all patients to take advantage of these tremendous fellowships.

Does WVADS, Inc. have a Family Program?

Yes we do! The Family Program is held every Wednesday evening from 6:00pm – 8:00pm. In addition to family discussions with group attendees, the Family Counselor addresses many critical points that families need to know about addiction and their loved ones. Additionally, family members may set up an appointment to meet with any of our agency counselors to address any individual or specific issue they may be having trouble with. Also, our clinical staff attempt to involve the family in the treatment process when their loved one is undergoing treatment at our facility. It should be noted that you as a family member can attend our Wednesday evening Family Group even if your loved one is not yet a patient at our facility.

It is important to remember that addiction is a family disease and effects all family members. Families who attend counseling, support groups, or who become involved in the wonderful Al-Anon fellowship groups, not only receive help for themselves, but often are in a better position to support the recovery process of their loved one.

I have failed treatment before; why will this treatment at WVADS, Inc. be any different?

We look at every human being who suffers from a drug and alcohol problem as a “GOOD PERSON WITH A BAD DISEASE”. Sometimes treatment failures are a part of the recovery process. That doesn’t mean we are hopeless. Instead, what it means is that possibly all the pieces are in the puzzle of recovery, but maybe some of them are in the wrong place. By coming to our agency, we will analyze why you have not been able to maintain recovery or sobriety. Remember, recovery is a two-fold process; you first must attain abstinence and then you have to learn how to maintain abstinence and drug free living. We never give up on anyone. We have seen too many miracles of recovery to give up. Don’t ever quit. That should never be an option. Give us an opportunity to work with you. We would be honored to serve you.

What if I can’t afford to pay for the services at WVADS, Inc.?

No problem. WVADS, Inc. treats patients from all walks of life. Some patients have third-party health insurance coverage and some may be able to privately pay for the services. However, we also have many unemployed patients, or patients, for one reason or the other, who cannot pay for the service. We have a sliding scale pay system that allows these patients to contribute what they believe they can afford. Sometimes, patients are not able to contribute at all. WVADS, Inc. is in a unique position in that it has a contract with the Luzerne-Wyoming Counties Drug and Alcohol Program and the United Way of Wyoming Valley that allows for the agency to treat patients who cannot afford to contribute to their treatment. Since June 1, 1973, the date of our agency birth, we have never turned anyone away from treatment because of their inability to pay.


We can assure you that if you decide to seek services from our agency, you will be afforded confidential, dignified, professional and responsive care with the emphasis on your well-being. Although we have played a significant role in county, regional, statewide, national, and even international issues, the role we play in serving patients, families, and consumers are the roles we cherish the most. Thank you for the opportunity of being of service to you.

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