A Message To Parents

Parenting is a skill which can be learned. As parents, we are continually faced with vital decisions that shape and influence the lives of our children. Often times, you may ask yourself, “How can I be sure that I am bringing a healthy balance into my child’s life?”

Here are some helpful hints for you to consider. Please review each question. Although there is no fool-proof method for parenting, it is commonly believed by experts that if you develop these ingredients in your home, the likelihood of having a nurturing family environment and a healthy drug-free child will be enhanced.

  • I expect my child to help with household chores on a regular basis.
  • I attend regular worship services with my child(ren).
  • I expect that our family have meals together as a family unit.
  • As a parent, I make sure that a daily time period is set aside for family communication with all family members participating.
  • I regularly discuss the importance and benefits of living a drug-free lifestyle with my child(ren).
  • I frequently lead a family discussion on drug prevention.
  • I make sure there are adequate books/articles on drug and alcohol prevention in my home and I challenge my child(ren) to read them.
  • I help my child(ren) to understand the importance of having a strong self-esteem.
  • I regularly engage my child(ren) in conversations about goal-setting, decision-making, setting priorities, identifying coping mechanisms, problem-solving, etc.
  • I regularly update my child(ren) on the rules of the home and expect they adhere to them in a consistent manner.
  • I monitor the peer group my child associates with to insure that these friends are positive influences.
  • I do not leave my child(ren) alone for long periods of unsupervised time.
  • I set positive examples of daily living for my child(ren) to emulate.
    Our family participates in fun activities outside the home on a regular basis with all family members.
  • I actively participate in my child’s/children’s life by attending PTO meetings on a regular basis, school functions in which he/she is participating in, parent-teacher conferences, etc.
  • I have established curfews for my child(ren) and do not tolerate violations by them.
  • I always make sure there are consequences for my child, if he/she violate the rules of the home, school, or community.
  • I encourage and expect my child(ren) to participate in service clubs and organizations in the school, church, and community.
  • I encourage and expect my child(ren) to become involved in volunteer activities in the community; nursing homes, working with mentally challenged, physically challenged, etc.
  • I monitor, on a regular basis, the music and television programs my child(ren) listen to and watch.
  • I frequently praise my child(ren), even if the accomplishments are small.
  • I hug and kiss my child(ren) on a daily basis.
  • Our family encourages the child(ren) to express their feelings openly.
  • Our family home environment is nurturing, loving, and respects the rights of all family members, including children.
  • I try to encourage my child(ren) to participate fully in all family activities.
  • I am patient with my child(ren) when they make mistakes.
  • I teach my child, through words and actions, to be respectful of people of different color, culture, ethnic background, religion, gender, etc.
  • I teach my child(ren) non-violent methods of conflict resolution.

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