DUI Services

WVADS, Inc. Is Approved To Provide:

  • Northeast Pennsylvania Alcohol Highway Safety 12.5 Hour Course
  • CRN Evaluations (Court Reporting Network)
  • DUI Counseling

Friends of Sharon

The “Friends of Sharon”is a pro-active organization founded in the memory of SharonYanulevius, a 25-year-old woman tragically killed by a drunk driver on August 12, 1995. Sharon’s parents, Frank and Sharon Yanulevius, are actively involved in the organization. The mission of the “Friends of Sharon” is:

…injuries and loss of human life as a result of drivers who operate a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs and/ or alcohol.

…provide year-round public awareness programs and activities designed to reduce and ultimately eliminate the tragedies resulting from driving under the influence.

Advocate and Lobby
…for the rights of victims and their families of drunk and/or drugged driving crashes and to hold drivers accountable and to insure that they are financially responsible for their actions.

Click here for more information on the “Friends of Sharon”

S.O.B.E.R. (Slow On the Bottle, Enjoy the Road)

This is a drunk and drugged driving awareness program conducted annually from mid-November to mid-January during the holiday season. The S.O.B.E.R. program utilizes overturned vehicles placed at various high traffic locations in the community to vividly demonstrate the consequences of impaired driving.

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