Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

What is an EAP?

An employee assistance program is exactly what is says – an assistance program for employees.

The Wyoming Valley Alcohol and Drug Services, Inc., in an effort to provide prompt, professional, confidential care to impaired employees, developed an EAP program.

Let’s face it. Everyone of us at some time in our lives face difficult situations. Many times we are able to get through this difficult period. However, at times we find ourselves not able to identify effective coping skills and our problems seem overwhelming. It is at this point that we often see the troubled worker turn to the use of drugs and alcohol. This is where the employee assistance program comes in. It is designed to offer confidential help to the worker so that the problem can be addressed.

What Do You Mean It’s Confidential?

Any worker who requests assistance on their own or who is referred form the Company, will be assured strict confidentiality.

Your Company has only one desire in mind and that is that you return to the work site healthier, happier, and chemical free. Therefore, please be assured that any involvement you have with Wyoming Valley Alcohol & Drug Services, Inc. will be protected fully.

How Do I Access The EAP Program?

It is very simple process. If you need help for a problem with drugs & alcohol you can call our agency directly,
at 820-8888 or 655-3900.

Additionally, you can contact your Supervisor or EAP Co-ordination to arrange for a confidential appointment.

Is The Program Available to Family Members?

YES. Alcohol and drug problems not only affect the user but also the family  Therefore, family members of any employee are encouraged to take advantage fo the EAP. Additionally  at times, workers can be troubled at the work site because of the presence of a drug and alcohol problem with one of their family members. In this case, the worker is encouraged to call our agency for confidential guidance and direction.

Who Will Pay the Cost of the Employee Assistance Program?

Most professional assistance will be covered by the existing company health benefits plan. We are a provider agency for Blue Cross of NEPA, First Priority, Geisinger, and others.

Will Participation with Your Agency Jeopardize My Job?

NO.  The Company, by agreeing to the participate in this EAP, assures all employees experiencing problems with drugs or alcohol the opportunity to receive rehabilitation. However, you should realize that failure to receive help for your  problem will most assuredly result in a steady decline in your job performance, and this could in time, jeopardize your job. So, get help as soon as you can.

What If I Need to Have An Evening Counseling Appointment?

No problem. Our agency has several counselors available on the weekday evenings to accommodate you or your family member.

Symptoms of Job Performance Problems?

  1. High Accident Rate
    • Accidents on the job.
    • Accidents off the job, but affecting the job.
    • Falling; Stumbling.
  2. Difficulty in Concentration
    • Work requires great effort.
    • Jobs take more time.
  3. Confusion
    • Memory Lapses
    • Increasing difficulty handling complex assignments.
  4. Spasmodic Work Patterns
    • Alternate periods of very high and very low productivity.
  5. Generally Lowered Job Efficiency
    • Misses deadlines.
    • Makes mistakes due to in attention or poor judgment.
    • Makes bad decisions.
    • Inappropriate excuses for poor job performances.
  6. Employee Relations on the Job
    • Overreactions to real or imagined criticism.
    • Wide swings in morale.
    • Borrowing money from co-workers.
    • Complaints form co-workers and clients.
    • Unreasonable resentments.
    • Avoidance of associates and supervisor.
  7. Absenteeism – Generally, any excess absenteeism and increase in absenteeism should be noted. The following are some general patterns.
    • Unauthorized leave.
    • Excessive sick leave.
    • Repeated absences spread out through the week, with neither Monday or Friday absences predominated (probably because the employee is trying to be careful not to draw attention to his/her condition).
    • Repeated absences of two to four days.
    • Frequent partial absenteeism (an hour or two, 1/2 day) for diverse reasons.
    • Repeated absences of one or two weeks (five to ten days)
    • Leaving work early.
    • Peculiar and increasingly inappropriate excuses for absences.
    • Higher absenteeism rate than other employees for colds, flu etc.
  8. Appearance
    • Slovenly  or careless dress.
    • Glazed, bleary or dilated eyes.
    • Hand tremors.
  9. Health Problems
    • Increased nervousness.
    • Gastric upsets
    • Frequent use of pills.
  10. Behavior Changes
    • Uses inordinate amount of breath purifiers.
    • Brings thermos bottles to work.
    • Locks desk and/or door to office.
    • Uncontrollable laughter.

Wyoming Valley Alcohol & Drug Services, Inc. is a private, non-profit, United Way Agency that is licesend by the Office of Drug and Alcohol Programs, Harrisburg, PA and was founded in 1973.


  • On-site Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) to provide assessment/evaluations on all employees covered by Omnibus Transpiration Policy (DOT, DOD, DOE).
  • Drug Testing options for the workplace.
  • Will insure your compliance in meeting the regulations of Drug-Free Workplace Act (if applicable).
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