Have You Talked with Your Child Yet about Drug Prevention?

If you are struggling to fined the words…. Try these.

Plain and simple “I Love You”.

I brought you into this world out of love. A parent makes a lifelong commitment to their child to always try and protect them from harm regardless of the child’s age. Your safely, health, and welfare is my #1 priority and I will do everything I can to ensure that you grow up being drug free. I want only 2 things for you. I want you to be healthy and happy, and drugs will rob you of these 2 precious things.

I will never condone experimentation of drugs by you. I realize that, at times, life can be difficult and very challenging. Please talk with me when you are face with any painful time in your life. You might just find out that I will drop what I am doing and listen to you. Please remember that I was once a younger person and I will do my best to understand you fully. Together , we can solve any problems that come your way. Just give me a change to prove that to you. Drugs will only complicate the issues and will come between us.

Always remember how special you are to me. There will be times that we may not agree on something, but I will never stop loving you. I will work hard as your parent to be a good role model for you to be proud of.

Thanks for listing to me.

— Mom and/or Dad

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