Relapse Prevention

This five-week program is held at WVADS, Inc. on Tuesdays and Fridays from 1pm to 3pm.

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is a lifelong process, which requires a commitment to a plan of recovery. The leading causes of relapse are failure to have a plan of recovery or deviation from that plan. Similar to other diseases (cardiac, diabetes, certain cancers), the patient plays a key role in their recovery. Once patient stabilization occurs (attainment), now the patient is faced with the challenge of maintaining recovery.

In the addiction field, we stress that patients consider a Relapse Prevention Program. The Relapse Prevention Program at WVADS, Inc. is designed to provide the patient with an in depth understanding of the triggers, daily stressors, or anxieties that, all too common, spell trouble for the recovering patient.

It is important to remember that relapse behaviors can emerge long before a drink or drug is consumed. Research has documented that recovery is enhanced, augmented, and strengthened when a patient attends a Relapse Prevention Program. In addition to helping the patient identify triggers or stressors, the WVADS, Inc. Relapse Prevention Program places emphasis on:

  • establishing healthy boundaries
  • assisting with development of refusal skills
  • conflict resolution
  • effective decision making techniques
  • healthy choices
  • dealing with urges or cravings

Additionally, our program places emphasis on the need to be aware of the 3P’s…….. When one associates with unhealthy Playmates, they will be introduced to unhealthy Playpens, and they will ultimately use unhealthy Playthings.

The ultimate goal of our Relapse Prevention Program is to provide the patient with additional tools that they can utilize and apply in their recovery so they have the opportunity of enjoying the fruits and benefits of sober, drug free living.

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