Week 10

A man was in a deep dark hole and frantically yelled, “Please someone help me. I’m dying!” The first person at the top of the hole was a clergy person who looked into the hole and said, “Wow! I don’t know how you got into that hole, but the odds are you will never get out. However, if by a miracle you do, here is a prayer card I’m dropping down to you.” The clergy person then left. The second person on top of the hole was a physician. He also couldn’t believe how the man got into the hole and believed he would never get out. He threw a prescription in the hole in the event the man got a miracle and someday got out of the hole. The man in the hole screamed again, “Please help me!”, and at the top of the hole was a friend. The friend told the man in the hole to move as close as possible to the side of the hole and then he, too, jumped in the hole. The man that was originally in the hole was startled by this and asked, “Why would you jump in this dark, deep hole with me?” The friend answered, “I have been in this hole before and I know how frightening it is. Just follow me. I will help you find the way out.”

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