Week 39

A mountain man was descending a mountain when he encountered a rattlesnake…the snake begged, “I’m dying. Will you please pick me up and put me in your backpack and carry me down to the bottom of the mountain so I can die with dignity there?” The mountain man answered, “Are you crazy? You’re a rattlesnake. You will bite me.” The snake said, “I have no intention of biting you…I’m dying…I don’t have any strength left.” “Please”, he urged, “won’t you bring me to the bottom of the mountain to die?” Against his better judgment, the mountain man picked up the snake, put it in his backpack, and proceeded to the bottom of the mountain. Halfway down the mountain, the snake coiled and bit the mountain man who fell to the ground dying. “Why would you bite me?”, the mountain man asked, “You gave me your word.” The snake looked at the dying mountain man and said, “You knew I was a rattlesnake and you still picked me up.”…

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