Week 48

A clergyperson was living in a town being flooded. The water was rising at a rate of 1 foot per hour. When the rescue personnel arrived, they found the clergyperson perched on the first floor roof. They told the clergyperson to get in the rowboat. They refused, saying, “God will protect me from drowning; go and save someone else.” Twelve hours later, the rescuers returned with a helicopter and asked the clergyperson to get on board. Again, they refused, saying, “God will protect me from drowning; go save someone else.” About 4 hours later, the clergyperson drowned and angrily confronted God in Heaven. “I took a vow and you told me you would protect me, yet, you let me drown.” God looked at the clergyperson and calmly stated, “I sent you a rowboat and a helicopter. It was you who refused to get in.”

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